Wave Attenuation Model 3636

Wave Eater Model 3636 has been in use for over twenty five (25) years. It is used in any number of applications including; wave attenuation, dam protection, shore erosion control and debris booms in the US and other parts of the world.

3 String System

The 3 – string system is the most efficient of the WaveEater systems.

In order to attenuate longer waves a larger mass of units is required. (The obstacle in a wave’s path needs to be larger than the wave itself).

We can design a Grid pattern in a width to meet almost any need for total wave suppression.

Grid Pattern/ Semi Grid

The Grid or semi-grid system is a viable option when the development of an attenuation system needs to be installed over a period of time. Generally a client will start with a Sawtooth pattern. If attenuation is sufficient there is no need to expand the system. However, if in the future increased attenuation is desired the Sawtooth system can be changed into a Grid, or semi-grid pattern simply by adding strings of WaveEater units. The anchoring system is already in place.

We can design a Grid pattern in a width to meet almost any need for total wave suppression.


The Sawtooth system is our most popular design. It is economical and provides a much higher percentage of wave dissipation than a straight line. Greater attenuation is achieved due to more surface area and angles for the wave to pass through.

The anchor configuration is the same as a Grid system. If a Grid is desired at a future date there is no need to construct additional anchors.

Straight Line

The straight line configuration may be chosen when wave frequency is short, (less than 10 feet), and the wave height is less than two feet. It is also an excellent choice for use as a spillway barrier, shore erosion mitigation, and temporary construction jobs including dredging, wharf repair and sheet pile installations.