Wave Eater Case Studies

Lake Albufera Wave Attenuation Lake Albufera Ocean Buoys Lake Albufera Breakwaters

Lake Albufera, Valencia, Spain

Engineering Challenge:
To prevent further erosion of natural grass island in lake and begin restoration to its original size.

Lake Albufera is located 30km south of Valencia, Spain just inland from the Balearic Sea.

DeGray Lake Wave Attenuation DeGray Ocean Buoys DeGray Breakwaters

DeGray Lake State Park, AR

Engineering Challenge:
To protect transient dock system at lake resort.

DeGray Lake State Park is located in Bismark, AR. It is a large recreational boating area and the Lodge at the park is a popular destination.

Lake Buchannon Wave Attenuation Lake Buchannon Ocean Buoys Lake Buchannon Breakwaters

Peninsula Marina, Lake Buchannon, TX

Engineering Challenge:
To protect new marina from extreme summer wave action.

Peninsula Marina is a residential development on Lake Buchannon, Texas located northwest of Austin. WaveEater was chosen to provide a wave barrier for the floating dock system which is subject to strong wave action during the summer.

Lake Kaweah Wave Attenuation Lake Kaweah Ocean Buoys Lake Kaweah Breakwaters

Lake Kaweah, CA

Engineering Challenge
To prevent waves from washing over the dam and undermining its bottom.

Lake Kaweah is located northeast of Visalia, CA. It is source of water supply and recreation.