Buchannon Wave Attenuation Case Study

Peninsula Marina, Lake Buchannon, TX

With a fetch distance of 8 miles due south it is not unusual for wave heights to develop between 4 – 6 feet high. A 250 foot system was installed in August of 2010 to mitigate the wave action.

Installation Type - Grid System - Model 3636

Water Type Prevailing Wind Wave Length Wave Height Fetch Distance Dissipation Minimum
Fresh South West <20ft (6m) <4-6ft (<2m) 8 mi (12.8km) >75%

Design Layout


Reports to date are that in sustained winds out of the south generating 4ft+ waves the system is dissipating over 70%. In lesser cases of high wind generation the dissipation is 90%. The length of the system may have to be extended since the 250' is not long enough to protect the complete length of the marina. It also needs to curve around the SE corner.