DeGray Wave Attenuation Case Study

Degray Lake State Park, AR

In 2003 The Arkansas State Parks Department contracted for two systems to be installed at a large resort in DeGray State Park. There is a transient dock system for hotel and dining guests. The floating docks were subject to constant motion due to open water wave action and passing boat wakes. The design was for two barriers extending south into the lake to protect the docks, but maintain an opening for access.

Installation Type - Grid System - Model 3636

Water Type Prevailing Wind Wave Length Wave Height Fetch Distance Dissipation Minimum
Fresh West - South West <15ft (4.5m) <2ft (<61m) 2 mi (3.3km) >85%


The systems were installed in October of 2003 are left in year round. (Ice is not a factor). They have performed as expected providing a barrier to protect the docks. In 2010 the Parks Department purchased 15 units to replace some that had become damaged. Total maintenance replacement cost over a 7 year period was less than $5,000.00