Kaweah Wave Attenuation Case Study

Lake Kaweah, CA

In 2008 The Army Corps of Engineers installed a Sawtooth barrier system in one area of the lake to keep boat traffic out of a sensitive area.  The project proved successful. In 2010 The Kaweah River Power Authority engineered and installed a Sawtooth system to prevent wave action at “full pool” in the May – July period, and prevent those waves from washing over and undermining the bottom of the dam in the northwest section of the lake. Water depth is 12-15ft (4-5m).

Installation Type - Sawtooth System - Model 3636

Water TypePrevailing WindWave LengthWave HeightFetch DistanceDissipation Minimum
FreshSouth East - North West<15ft (4.5m)<2ft (<61cm)3 mi (>5km)>75%


Total LengthTotal UnitsTotal Material $
WE + Hardware + Frt
Personnel + Hours
450ft (136m)168$53,000.004 @ 40=160 (1 wk)

Design Layout


Contract was completed in July of 2010. According to the engineer, the installation went as planned and the units performed as expected. They incurred no wave action over the spillway.