Spain Wave Attenuation Case Study

Lake Albufera, Valencia

The lake is 3,000Ha and 1 – 1.5M deep. The prevailing winds during the winter are directly out of the west at sustained speeds of 25 kts. The island is composed of  tall natural grasses growing in a bottom sediment of muck that is about a meter thick. The island has been disintegrating over the years due to wind and wave erosion.

The photo shows the grass area. Above that is dredged material (white) that has been pumped in to create a new planting area. Outside of that is an 850 ft, (260m), "sawtooth" barrier of natural green Wave Eaters. Beyond that are old stakes driven into the bottom of the lake. It was the original size of the island. This contract was Phase II of the restoration. There are four more phases yet to be done.

In addition to providing a natural water filter these grass islands are located in an environmentally protected area. They are home to many native species of wildlife, most of which are nesting birds. Lake Albufera is also the main source of irrigation to thousands of surrounding hectares of rice farms and the famous Valencia Orange Orchards.

The project is being funded by The City of Valencia, Government of Spain and the European Union.

Installation Type - Sawtooth System - Model 3636

Water Type Prevailing Wind Wave Length Wave Height Fetch Distance Dissipation Minimum
Fresh West <10ft (3m) <2ft (61cm) 1.9 mi (3,000m) >70%

Design Layout

Results - TBD