Boating Club of Wenatchee, Wenatchee, WA

Date: September 2021
Video taken by: Dave Battis

Boating club replaced a log boom that had been sinking over the years due to water absorption. System is a single line that is used to dissipate waves and mitigate the effects of the Columbia River current as it passes the club.

Customer Review: “… your breakwater works exactly as you said it would and it is a huge improvement over the log boom that we had. We have 65 members in our boat club, and I have not heard one complaint.”

Peninsula Marina - Lake Buchanan, TX.

Video taken by: Lake Austin Marina - Austin, TX.

Client wanted to test a Wave Eater Grid system to see how it would handle wakes generated by wakeboarders and surfers. The size of this wave creates damage to their marina which currently has no attenuation system. The boat was ballasted with three thousand lbs to create a three foot wake, which is what is required for this form of recreation. They ran the boat in several directions towards and along the Wave Eater system to see how it would handle a multitude of wakes. Observation was that 75% +/- was being dissipated as it passed through the Wave Eater floating attenuator.

Result is that Wave Eater is being consider for both marina and shore erosion protection on several lakes in the area.