Wave Eater
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Wave Eater Testimonials:

After 20+ years, we are still very happy with our Wave Eaters.

Laconia, NH


Rating: 5/ 5 stars

Prior to Wave Eater’s installation we had numerous storms that hit our marina and caused more than $20,000 in damages to our metal structure and foam. Since then, we’ve installed Wave Eater at the mouth of the cove and although we continue to have severe storms pass through, I am pleased to report that we suffer no significant damage whatsoever!

Your product was very easy to install and it did its job remarkably well. I would recommend your Wave Eaters to anyone.

Manhattan, KS


Rating: 5/ 5 stars

Since 1993 Wave Eater has been installed by:

  • US Army Corp of Engineers – CA, MT
  • Bureau of Land Management - AZ
  • US Military – Okinawa
  • Yachting World - Japan
  • Arkansas State Parks
  • Colorado State Parks
  • Idaho State Parks
  • Montana State Parks
  • Oregon State Parks
  • South Dakota State Parks
  • Wyoming State Parks
  • Colorado Division of Wildlife
  • Montana Fish Parks and Wildlife
  • City of Colorado Springs, CO
  • City of Independence, KS
  • City of Bellingham, WA
  • Douglas County Parks, NV

Private Marina Locations

  • Lake Winnisquam, NH
  • Fair Haven Bay, NY
  • Canandaigua Lake, NY
  • Lake Oneida, NY
  • Lake Buchannon, TX
  • Mission Bay Ski Club, San Diego, CA
  • Sea World, San Diego, CA
  • Kaweah Lake, CA
  • Canyon Ferry Reservoir, MT
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • Grantham, NH
  • Lake Almanor, CA